The home of beautiful coats and bags for little legs

Chic Little Legs is the home of the finest Yorkshire tweeds and fabrics for small dogs.

We are Yorkshire born and bred and our sheep produce the best wools which are proudly exported worldwide.

TWO coats for £45! Mix & Match, discount is applied at checkout.

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  • Care

    Our quality is never compromised - manufactured to the highest standard; our tweed fabrics are sourced from the North Yorkshire Mills, our washable waxed fabrics are sourced from Lancashire. We focus on attention to detail from design to manufacturing to bring you the highest quality possible.

  • Quality

    We care that our dachshunds have not only the most stylish of coats but also the most comfort and warmth.  To make sure we achieve this our tweed coats have a middle layer of water resistant fabric, we have also included a middle layer of insulating fabric in our washable waxed coats.

  • Love

    We know our dogs are special little characters in so many ways. How loving and loyal they are, bringing endless joy to so many owners... and here’s the added bonus, they look gorgeous too! Our coats are specially designed for Dachshunds, a unique breed with their long bodies and short legs.