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Dachshund Chic

Highlander Dachshund Dog Coat

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Size (Please see chart below)

Here are the boys Oden and Bertie looking tip-top in their show stopping waxed coat.

UK washable waxed cotton and luxury fleece lining with an added insulating layer for increased warmth – still keeping the sleek look guys and gals!

Sizing in 3 easy steps, please measure the length (collar to start of tail) Neck and belly (widest area)

Sizes Length Neck (Up to) Belly (Up to)
SMALL 35cms 34cms 45cms
SMALL 38cms 34cms 45cms
MEDIUM 35cms 37cms 49cms
MEDIUM 38cms 37cms 49cms


For Standards

42cms 42cms/44cms 56cms/58cms

Our coats have been designed to allow slight adjustment in sizing approximately 2-3cm on the neck and belly area.